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A Brief look at the Life of George Soros and his Open Society Foundations

George Soros is one of the leading philanthropists in the world. Till date, he has given out more than $12billion. His funding has provided support for individuals and organizations all around the world battling for freedom of transparency, expression, societies that enhance equality and justice and accountable government.

He was born on August 12, 1930, in Hungary. George Soros overcame the occupation of the

Nazi alongside the rule of the communists in Hungary which occurred in the middle of 1940s before he moved to London. In London, he earned a degree in economics. He then relocated to New York

in 1956 after attaining his degree where he started a career in finance. He started his well-known efforts in philanthropy in 1979, and as at 2012, some funds he has channelled into philanthropy is worth over $7 billion through his Open Society Foundations.

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A majority of his efforts are usually channeled to individuals suffering from discrimination solely because of who they are. He has rendered support to various groups that represent the people of Europe Roma and others who have been led to the margins of the society ranging from LGBTI people, sex workers as well as drug users. George Soros utilized his wealth to establish the Open

Society Foundations which has projects in over 100 countries. Its name as well as the work it does display the influence Karl Popper’s philosophy has on Soros’s thought pattern. Soros came across this Philosophy for the first time at the school of Economics in London. According to Popper, a society can only bloom when there is freedom of expression, democratic governance, and respect

for the rights of individuals. This is an approach which is visible at the pillar of the services rendered at the Open Society Foundations.

He started his philanthropic activities in 1979 by offering scholarships to black South Africans during apartheid, and he aided in enhancing the free exchange of ideas in the Eastern Bloc which was communist by making photocopies available to carry our printing of texts that were previously banned. When the Cold War ended, he channeled his philanthropy to Asia, Africa, and the United States rendering support for new efforts to establish societies that were more transparent, accountable and democratic. Over the years, he backed same-sex marriage efforts vocally and

aided in starting the medical marijuana movement in America.

George Soros has provided support for lawyers and paralegals who were representatives of thousands of individuals held unlawfully. George Soros who is now more than 80 years of age, still has a keen interest in the jobs done by the Open Society Foundations. He travels broadly to render assistance for its work and advocate for policy changes that are positive with leaders of the world both in private and public. Learn more about his profile at

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