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Bob Reina’s Company Talk Fusion Can Look Back On 2016 With Pride

2016 was a good year for Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion as it won a great Communications Product of the Year award twice for its video email program and one-on-one video chat app. The chat app has the capability of taking webcam streams and turning them into videos that can be emailed, or allowing anyone to hold live video sessions through a shared link. The Technology Media Corporation has heralded Talk Fusion for bringing visions to life with its products and is pleased at the work Bob Reina has done over the years. Reina has said these awards are only the first step for his company which hopes to exceed customer expectations in the effectiveness of the apps.

Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion because he wanted to turn something basic into a ground-breaking business idea the likes of which had rarely been seen before. He was vacationing in 2004 when he found a dilemma in trying to send a video to his family that couldn’t be sent through AOL mail because it was too large. So he decided he needed to find a way to make it happen even if most email providers said it wasn’t possible. In 2007 Reina and his friend Jonathan Chen, the current Director of Information Technology at Talk Fusion came up with the first video email webRTC recorder. In a short time Reina was selling products to customers all over the world. Talk Fusion’s on Facebook.

Talk Fusion has been about more than just video emails and newsletters. It’s been about serving customers in ways that few other companies have. That’s in part why they started the associate program that allows people to sell all products to others and start their own business doing so. Talk Fusion also has free trials for 30 days on all products for customers who signup with their email address, and it doesn’t even require a credit card. Reina also decided to start a giving back program for Talk Fusion that encapsulates his enthusiasm for philanthropy that allows associates to help a charity group by giving them a monthly Talk Fusion account free of charge.

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