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Dr. mark Mofin Gives a New Dawn to the Gluteal Augmentation Industry

Negative publicity has for many years characterized the gluteal augmentation industry. This has greatly been caused by accidents and failures of cosmetic operations. Luckily, after all those long and dark years, the industry can now celebrate new dawn that has been brought into existence by Dr. Mark Mofid.

Being an alumnus of both Johns Hopkins and Harvard Universities, Mark Mofid managed to possess intensive research skills that he has utilized in his quest for restoring the reputation of gluteal augmentation industry. Having a great passion for improvement, Dr. Mofid felt that the implant products that have been available in the American medical industry were inferior in some aspects, a reason which led to many cases of failed cosmetic operations.

As a believer of change, Dr. Mark Mofid indulged into constant research trying to find whether there were better ways in which the industry could practice the operations. The aspects that he criticized the older implants products were the fact that they were generic. They were also incompatible with human muscle structures and hence there was a very high probability of them sagging after the operations. This made Dr. Mark Mofid feel that the products were defective and more to that, they compromised the patient’s health.

One principle that Mofid believed in and always adhered to is the protection of the patient’s safety. It didn’t matter how much money he would make from a single cosmetic operation done to a patient, willfully or not; but as long as it could compromise on the patient’s health, he could never engage himself in such an operation.

After eight years of his practice and deep research, Dr. Mark Mofid has eventually refurbished the reputation of the gluteal augmentation industry. The extensive research that he had been carrying out in collaboration with his Brazil counterparts has eventually culminated in a new implant which is way more superior compared to the older implants. These have seen the success rate of cosmetic operations in America increasing rapidly and even close to matching that of the leader of the gluteal augmentation industry, Brazil. The patients have now regained trust with the industry and can now confidently seek their services without the fear of negative consequences.

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