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Essential Tips and Pointers to Boosting Productivity by Tobias Jaeger

If there’s something the Managing Partner of Axiom Venture Capital, Tobias Jaegar understands, then it must be the fine art of building successful companies from the ground up. Jaeger is the current M.D at Axiom Venture Capital. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, the seasoned risk-taker reminds us of the pitfalls associated with adopting a lone-wolf investment strategy. To him, sound decisions emanate from taking in bits and pieces of advice from a large pool of qualified experts.




Tobias is fluent in Italian, French, German, Spanish, and English having lived and worked in over 40 nations. In his Ideasmensch interview, Tobias says the inspiration to set up Axiom Venture Capital arose almost by chance. Jaeger started the firm upon realizing the enormous challenges faced by prospective investors in the entertainment industry. The prime culprit for the failure of these media houses was the lack of a sound growth and management strategy. Axiom’s founder saw a brilliant opportunity and capitalized on it by launching the media investment consulting firm, Axiom Inc.


Eat Right, Meditate and Exercise


The interview depicts Tobias Jaeger as a meticulous thinker who operates with a strict code of ethics. He’s portrayed as a leader who never leaves anything to chance in business planning. Tobias has a habit of holding off any vital decisions until he’s absolutely certain of all the possible risks and rewards adjoined to the matter. The accomplished capitalist goes ahead to reveal the secret to maintain a sharp and productive mind. He calls on prospective business leaders and innovators alike to always eat right, exercise a lot and meditate often.




As investors, it is our duty to reach out and nurture a close-knit professional relationship with the clients we encounter. Provided you satisfy the expectations of the first clients, rest assured of benefiting from referrals and recommendations. In his parting shot, he calls for the younger generation of entrepreneurs to cultivate a fighting spirit and to always go with their gut instincts.


First Investments


In 2007, Tobias founded his first consulting agency, Business Associates Europe. He achieved that milestone feat in his university years in the Netherlands. Motivated by the great progress, the consulting firm made in a few years, Tobias decided to venture into the billion dollars e-gaming industry. Mr. Jaeger landed a willing investment partner and together they created a new online poker gaming company called StrategosPoker Inc. Today, Jaeger’s mentored and trained countless entrepreneurs in Europe, the US and in the Middle East. Ideally, Axiom strives to act as the bridge linking stake holders in the vibrant entertainment industry with the corporate world and vice versa.


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