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George Soros Responds To Trump Victory By Vowing To Help Immigrants

George Soros is one of the most important liberal philanthropists in America, as his huge donations to various Democrat causes have made him a vital force in the political world. During the 2016 presidential election, he donated $25 million to support Hillary Clinton’s election and other Democratic candidates as they fought against ideals which he did not support.

These donations did little to stem the tide of Trump’s victory and a major Republican takeover of congress. Conservative pundits who dislike Soros have rejoiced at the amount of money he spent and how little it seemed to have mattered to the overall election. However, but Soros has not expressed remorse for his donations or his Democratic and liberal ideals.

In fact, Soros has doubled-down on his beliefs and ideas, as well as his donation efforts, by vowing to donate over $500 million to various immigrant and refugee-based startups and companies throughout America. This money will be used to help these companies succeed in the face of potential xenophobic backlash.

Soros, himself an immigrant, has stated that “Migrants are often forced into lives of idle despair, while host countries fail to reap the proven benefit that greater integration could bring.” The idea here is that helping immigrants and refugees succeed helps the country as a whole succeed.

This is a major change from the attitude taken by Donald Trump and his various supporters, who have claimed that immigrants and refugees are a danger that must be kept out of the country or at least limited.

George Soros’ money is an attempt to expand America’s range of influence by integrating a wider range of cultures into American society and boosting the economy in a positive and constructive way.

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These kinds of promises are not without some detractors. Soros’ liberal intentions are often put under serious scrutiny by conservative pundits who wish that the billionaire would direct his donation to people who are already settled in the country or whom they believe are “native” to the area.

Soros’ response is that every American, but the various tribes of Native American people, are immigrants to the country and that its success was based on integrating new cultures in a positive way.

George Soros’ dedication to helping struggling immigrants and refugees in the country, often people who fled terrible dictators who made their lives a living hell, is one that has been a major stimulant throughout his career.

He is capable of donating millions of dollars to the kinds of positive political causes that have re-shaped the nation into a more accepting one. Fighting back against some of the harsher claims and focuses of the upcoming Trump administration is likely to be a major influence on his future behavior.

For anyone who believes in similar ideals, it is worth following this story to see how Soros may attempt to continue influencing the flow of liberal American ideas.

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  1. Scott
    Scott January 4, 2017

    Understanding the plight of immigrants and being empathetic to helping them achieve success is a lifelong quest that Soros hopes won’t be negatively impacted by Trump’s xenophobic attitude. Just to make sure that the best custom essay writing services will always want these things to become what it used to be and I know it’ll pay off later.

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