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How Oncotarget has impacted the quality of scientific research today

The influence of the organization

As an organization, Oncotarget has been focusing on making different journals available to the public. The organization deals with the traditional journals where they look for research materials and avail them for various researchers. Scientific research is hard to come by currently. The available ones are costly, and not everyone can be in a position to access them. This is the group that Oncotarget has helped.

How the services of the organization improved quality of research

The quality of scientific research has been very unpredictable. Different researchers come with different submissions that almost oppose each other. The major reason for the confusion in the scientific field is the fact that there has been a scarce supply of scientific research. The ones available are very expensive, and most people cannot afford them. For the last seven years, Oncotarget has been trying to avail the research journals to the public so as to increase the quality of their research. The organization does not take any subscription charges. All their document journals are provided free without any struggles.

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Oncotarget’s Influence on medical field

Currently, several diseases are very tricky to handle. The practicing health experts have not been in a position to get the right therapies for conditions like cancer. As an organization, there have been several journal articles availed to the public. These articles are written by different people on the best ways of handling such therapies. There are other choices of treatments which are offered. The quality of research work presented by students in the recent past has increased. Several remedies have been developed through the resources availed by Oncotarget.

Leadership and rising popularity

Currently, the organization is run by a group of scientists who have a common goal of marketing scientific research. Through their leadership, the popularity of Oncotarget has continuously been increasing. When the organization was started in 2010, it could only avail 483 scientific journal resources. In as much as the resources were helpful, they could not give the public the desired information. Currently, the organization has expanded. Many scholars use their resources to handle their research. They have resourced the public with over 30000 journals just in the past one year. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.

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