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How Securus Technologies Keeps Cell Phones Out Of Florida Prisons

One of the deadliest weapons in a prison is not a shank or a smuggled gun. It is actually a cellphone. With a contraband cell phone, prisoners can order drugs, weapons or even a murder contract. Thanks to the work of one former corrections officer and Securus Technologies, the days of dangerous smuggled, unmonitored prison cell phones are becoming a thing of the past.


The story starts with former corrections officer Robert Johnson whose job was to confiscate prison contraband. He was so good at his job that a prisoner put out a murder contract on the corrections officer. A murder contract that was made possible by a cell phone smuggled into a prison.


Robert Johnson was shot six times. Since the attempted murder, the former corrections officer has received 26 surgeries. Despite the hardship, Mr. Johnson decided it was time to get rid of contraband cell phones for good. And he decided that best way to accomplish his goal was to work with the top corrections security tech company in the country.


Today, Robert Johnson is working with Securus Technologies to bring an innovative technology that can prevent prisoners from using contraband cell phones from within prison walls. The result is that these convicts will not be able to communicate with criminals outside of the prison and further their illegal activities.


So how does Securus Technology do it? Well, since the FCC does not allow cell phone signals to be blocks, Securus Technologies uses a wireless containment system to keep these contraband calls from getting to the outside world. Additionally, Securus Technologies offers cell phone services to prisoners which allows the inmate to make legal phone calls to friends and family members.


That’s right. Prisoners can now have access to cell phones which can be monitored and controlled by the prison itself. The prison creates a “white list” of numbers that the prisoner is allowed to call or to receive calls from his cell phone. This allows more freedom and flexibility for the prisoner while keeping the prison itself safe from criminal activity.


Thanks to the determination of a brave corrections officer and the innovative thinking of Securus Technologies, one of the most dangerous contraband prison weapons are becoming a thing of the past. As Securus Technologies continues to work with more prisons around the country, the company will seek to make the corrections industry safer for officers and well as the inmates.


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  1. Nia Brody
    Nia Brody August 13, 2018

    Building information technology infrastructure to allow people to have access to resources is not more common as well. All the way however essay online help could go a long way to inspire the success that most people have imagined. Now Securus is a work in progress to me and I think they can do a lot more in social responsibility as a corporate entity.

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