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Luiz Carlos Trabuco: How He Has Remained Relevant In The Brazilian Banking Industry For Five Decades

The Brazilian banking industry has grown by leaps and bounds for the last several decades. Initially, most of the banking institutions focused on providing access to capital to farmers and retailers. Accessing capital for business was a huge challenge for many Brazilians in the 1950s. However, the establishment of privately owned financial institutions such as Banco Bradesco made things better for the Brazilians. A few of the private banks that were established in the 1950s survived to see the New Millennium. But Banco Bradesco that was established to serve civil servants, farmers and retailers have grown to become among the largest private financial institutions in Latin America.

Currently, Bradesco bank beats its rivals regarding the number of account holders, branches, and even assets. This was after Luiz Carlos Trabuco successfully led the bank in acquiring HSBC, in what experts’ term as a historic deal in the Brazilian banking sector. Bradesco bank coughed a whopping $5.2 billion to purchase HSBC bank.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco
Luiz Carlos is among the eldest and the most experienced employees at Bradesco bank. Luiz started working for Bradesco when he was barely eighteen years old. Although Luiz Carlos Trabuco did not study Accounting and Finance like most of the other bank officials, he proved to be a worthy asset for the bank by successfully managing teams to hit the bank’s targets. He rose from the position of a bank teller to lead almost every department in Bradesco over the years.

The University of Sao Paulo graduate is well versed in the Brazilian banking industry. He has been in the industry long enough to know the in and outs of the banking sector. As an executive of the bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has dedicated his entire life to see Bradesco bank at the top of the game.


Leading the insurance and pensions department
Luiz Carlos Cappi silenced his critics when he was tasked with leading the Insurance and pension department of the Bradesco bank. For the seven years that Luiz led the insurance department, he managed to increase turnover by close to 30 percent, hence making it the largest in Brazil. As a result of his success as a leader, Luiz Carlos was voted twice as the Insurance Personality of the Year in Brazil.

Appointment to become the president of Bradesco
His success in the insurance department impressed the board of directors at Bradesco and Luiz was appointed to the position of the President of the company. He was given the blessing to lead one of the largest lenders in the Latin world.

Exploring the available opportunities for Bradesco
Even after his appointment as the president of the bank, Luiz did not stop to look around for lucrative opportunities for his employer. Luiz had developed a comprehensive ten-year plan for Bradesco that would enable the bank to grow organically for the next ten years. But before he could execute the plan, Luiz spotted an opportunity that would enable the bank to grow six years ahead of its time.

Recently, when the former chairman of Bradesco, Mr. Lazaro Brandao penned his resignation, there wasn’t a better candidate that would step in his shoes other than Luiz Carlos. As the chairman of Bradesco, Luiz continues to vehemently speak about various issues that affect the sector. Luiz has been vocal about pension reforms where he noted that the country should take pension reforms seriously.

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