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Retrospective on Noted Politician, Daniel Taub

It is not everyday that even quite notable and well regarded politicians are able to meet the Queen of England but this is precisely the honor which was bequeathed upon the Israeli Diplomat, Daniel Taub in 2011. Daniel Taub born immaculate credentials with which to fill his post, not only was he the official Israeli ambassador to the court of St. James, he also used to live and work as a Orthodox Jewish citizen to the British crown. This provided him a unique advantage in the arena of Israeli and British diplomacy. However, this duality of identity, both past and present also presented the Queen with a very interesting area of inquiry. After Taub bowed his head, revealing his kippah, the Queen asked him how he felt returning to the land of his birth as well as how he felt now that he was representing the state of Israel. Mr. Taub replied that he could not be more honored, especially now that he has the opportunity to raise his children in their historic homeland from which his people have been exiled for over 2000 years. He further went on to elaborate upon his plan for greater collaboration between the state of Israel and Great Britain and about his desire to markedly reinvigorate the historic bond between the two proud nations.


Four years later, Mr. Taub would go on the record to state that he believes the majority of his dream was actualized, given the immense improvement in diplomacy between Britian and Israel. Such meetings and dreams of greater peace were commonplace all throughout Daniel Taub’s political career for Israel. Due to this fact when he announced his retirement in the month of July, 2015, the Jewish community of Britain, with which he had crafted a close lifelong relationship, gave a collective sigh of sadness, lamenting the passing of the career of such a distinguished friend and ally to their people, one who had committed so much to their political struggles. Learn more:


So great was the admiration for the career of Daniel Taub, in point of fact, that he is now widely considered to have been the single most popular Israeli diplomat since Shlomo Argov, who is well known for surviving a attempted assassination in London during the 1980s.




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