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The Fagali’I Airport As Samoa’s Largest Flight Company

Travelers far and wide are choosing the Fagali’I Airport when traveling to or from the Samoa area. In fact, the Fagali’I Airport is the area’s largest international airport, offering flights to America and Pago Pago. Along with international flights, you can find local airlines within the Fagali’I Airport itself as well. These local airlines include Polynesian Airlines and Samoa Air. The Fagali’I Airport has a rich history, since it was once owned by the government and used to fly military planes. After finding better property, the government sold the airport to Polynesian Airlines, who later reopened the airport to the public.


Traveling through the Fagali’I Airport is easy, quick and convenient. There is a large restaurant within the airport itself, making it effortless to get a good meal while waiting for your upcoming flights. The Fagali’I Airport has large and easy-to-read boards so that you can keep updated on delays and cancellations if these pertain to the flight that you’ll be taking or that someone else is coming in on. Cafes and gift shops are readily available to travelers coming to and traveling out of the airport as well. According to, getting a ticket to fly out of the Fagali’I Airport is effortless, as you simply need to either book line through a booking agency or go to a front desk kiosk where one of the helpful workers will aid you in obtaining a ticket.

The Fagali’I Airport offers a range of different job opportunities to make working for the company a wonderful option. Thousands of people work for the Fagali’I Airport each and every day, ensuring that the airport runs as smoothly as it possibly can. There have been plans recently launched by the airport to expand so that it is able to accommodate the wide range of people coming through its doors. This expansion may also mean additional airlines taking the place to offer better and more convenient flights According to Considering all of the work that has been put into the Fagali’I Airport, it is no wonder that many locals are finding this airport to be a prime choice when doing their traveling.

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