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The World Class of Madison Street Capital

The Chicago-based Madison Street Capital is an international investment banking and financial advice firm that advises companies all around the world in their quest to gain credit, make investment decisions, merge with other companies, and perform complex transactions. In addition, it also does company valuations. They have been plying their trade for more than two decades. The firm’s big break after it performed its extensive advisory services for Vital Care Industries, resulting in VCI’s extreme satisfaction. That is when MSC co-founder Anthony Marsala was awarded the 40 Under Forty Award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.


Marsala definitely knows what he is doing in this role. He holds an M.A. degree and has over 14 years of experience in the field. He has helped MSC maintain its standing as the best in the business. In 2016, MSC a peer board of expert finance professional, selected MSC as an M&A Adviser Awards finalist. They also nominated MSC as 2016’s best boutique investment banking firm. In 2017 it was awarded a Turnaround Award in honor of exemplary work done in 2016. For this last award, it had tough competition, having gone against 300 other top-notch firms.


MSC has been busy in 2017. During this year it has also assisted several companies. One big thing it has done is assist Software Value merge with The Spitfire Group. In March it also gave financial advice to the Maryland-based company, WLR Automotive Group. During this year they have also arranged financing assistance for Maintenance Systems Management. The sterling team maintained on MSC, keeps it one of the top in the areas of knowledge, experience, and relationship building and maintaining.


They are so good at what they do that they are extraordinarily able to step into any business situation and uniquely and perfectly tailor the situation for their individual clients. MSC’s long line of top professionals have given the firm its reputation for excellence in the investment banking industry. MSC also does much in philanthropic support such as with United Way. MSC currently maintains offices throughout North America, Africa, and Asia and are willing to work in other places when called for. For further details you can contact the firm at its phone number (1-312-529-7000) or at website ( They have helped countless company clients meet their financial goals through the years and they can certainly help yours. That’s the Madison Street Capital reputation. Give them a call today.


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