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Tony Petrello and His Three Titles at Nabors

It isn’t often that you hear of someone simultaneously holding the title of Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and President. It’s even less often that you hear of that at a major global company like Nabor Industries. That is the power of what Tony Petrello has brought to the table in his nearly two decades with Nabors Industries.

If you aren’t familiar with the oil and gas drilling equipment giant, Nabors Industries is a global leader in providing the world’s largest oil and gas drilling contractors and equipment. They work in over twenty countries across the world and have a team running in all the major oil markets that currently exist. Additionally, Nabors Industries operates the largest land-based drilling rig fleet in the entire world. Among their suite of offerings, Nabors provides offshore drilling, land based drilling, directional drilling, directional drilling operations and innovative drilling. They also provide state of the art drilling software and technology that puts them a cut above other companies in the industry.

Tony Petrello has been a massive part of this success. Since his joining in 1991, he has held multiple leadership positions and now retains the three titles mentioned above. He lends his leadership skills to help develop strategy for future innovation in the oil and gas drilling vertical.

Petrello also uses his knowledge and leadership skills to foster other companies. He is a director of Stewart & Stevenson LLC and also is a director of Hilcorp Energy Company. He is a member of Texas Children’s Hospital’s Board of Trustees, where he works passionately to help drive the growth of neurological research for children.

His total calculated compensation for the 2015 fiscal year was over $15 million dollars. That $15 million breaks down into a salary of $1.5 million, bonuses of $1.4 million and the rest is acclimated.


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